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Vet reveals why rabbits usually are not pet for youngsters and busts widespread myths about proudly owning bunnies


Why rabbits aren’t pet for younger children: Vet busts widespread misconceptions about proudly owning bunnies – and why you should not feed them carrots or preserve them in hutches

  • A vet has shared why rabbits usually are not simple pets and are not appropriate for youngsters
  • Dr Tim Montgomery, from Sydney, busted the myths round proudly owning bunnies
  • He mentioned rabbits shouldn’t be saved in hutches, fed carrots or repeatedly dealt with
  • Dr Tim has seen a number of circumstances of rabbits dying after being suffocated by children

An Australian vet has warned dad and mom in opposition to adopting rabbits for younger kids and busted the widespread false impression that bunnies are ‘simple’ pets.

Dr Tim Montgomery, from Sydney, mentioned rabbits are way more high-maintenance than many individuals notice and require a excessive degree of care and a focus.

He mentioned bunnies shouldn’t be confined to a hutch, can chunk as they do not like being dealt with, should not be fed carrots in excessive portions and have some stunning similarities to horses.

Sydney veterinarian Dr Tim Montgomery has revealed why rabbits usually are not appropriate pets for younger kids and busted some widespread misconceptions about bunny possession

‘I’ll usually have purchasers are available having lately a bought rabbit for his or her kids assuming that they are going to be easy pets which can be simple to look after which isn’t at all times the case,’ he mentioned.

‘Lots of people do not understand how comparable rabbits are to horses. I are likely to name them little furry horses with out hooves.’

Dr Tim mentioned rabbits and youngsters do not at all times combine due to the animal’s aversion to being dealt with and he has seen some tragic incidents on the job.

‘Whether or not you are an grownup or a toddler, if you happen to see a cute rabbit the very first thing you wish to do is give it a snuggle or pat,’ he mentioned.

‘Sadly I’ve seen numerous circumstances of rabbits which were unintentionally suffocated by kids who simply beloved their rabbit an excessive amount of which could be understandably devastating for everybody concerned.’

As bunnies are prey animals, not like canines and cats, Dr Tim mentioned they’ll really feel threatened if dealt with and it will not be apparent to house owners if their pet is in misery.

Dr Tim (pictured) said rabbits are far more high maintenance than many people realize and require a high level of care and attention

Dr Tim (pictured) mentioned rabbits are way more excessive upkeep than many individuals notice and require a excessive degree of care and a focus

‘They may generally ‘play lifeless’ or go right into a trance once they’re positioned in a susceptible place resembling being held on their again,’ he mentioned.

‘This implies pet dad and mom can suppose that their bunny enjoys being held on their again when in precise reality they discover it extraordinarily horrifying and are primarily frozen with concern.’

They will additionally panic when being dealt with and chunk kids arduous ‘with out which means to’.

He mentioned bunnies have complicated wants and the same dental make-up to horses.

‘Folks do not understand how essential a rabbit’s dental well being is. Rabbits, like horses, can die if their tooth usually are not taken care of effectively,’ he defined.

‘Many rabbits require common dentistry underneath anesthetic at a vet hospital with the intention to preserve their tooth.’

Seven widespread myths about preserving rabbits as pets

1. They’re ggood pets for youngsters Rabbits are not often cuddly – ​​as prey animals they’re nervous by nature and may chunk or scratch when harassed. Increase a relationship with a rabbit takes time and endurance and must be on the rabbit’s phrases. Kids usually lack this endurance.

2. They’re glad to be picked up/petted Rabbits are a prey species, so once they’re picked up their intuition tells them they’ve been caught by a predator, and so they usually react aggressively. Most good house owners will solely decide up the rabbits to verify their well being. The pleasure is in watching them show their pure behaviors.

3. They’re glad in small areas Wild rabbits reside in giant underground warrens. When they’re above floor they cowl a big space every day. Pet rabbits must reside in an enclosure that’s at the least 3m x 2m by 1m excessive. They need to by no means be confined to a hutch.

4. They’re glad residing alone Research present that rabbits worth companionship nearly as a lot as meals. Watch a pair or group of bonded rabbits snuggling up collectively and cleansing one another and you will see precisely why it is merciless to maintain a rabbit by itself.

5. They’re simple to take care of Rabbits ought to be cleaned out each day and given recent hay and bedding. They will reside for over ten years in order that’s lots of clear outs! They want annual vaccinations and could be very vulnerable to medical issues, so count on visits to the vet!

6. They’re cuddly toys Kids see a cute and fluffy rabbit in a pet store and pester their dad and mom to purchase it. However as with their toys, kids usually lose curiosity shortly and the rabbit is deserted or endures a depressing life alone in a hutch on the finish of the backyard.

7. They’re low cost pets Whereas pet rabbits are cheap to purchase, caring for them is not. You may want a safe outside enclosure or good high quality indoor enclosure in addition to meals, hay and bedding, neutering, vaccination and vet journeys. Caring for a pair of rabbits over their lifetime can price hundreds.

supply: Rabbit Welfare Affiliation and Fund

Dr Tim added as a result of rabbits aren’t as widespread as cats and canines in Aussie houses and are banned as pets in some states and territories, some vets usually are not assured in treating them so it may be arduous for house owners to search out veterinary care.

The animal physician dispelled some widespread myths about preserving rabbits and mentioned they should not be saved in hutches or fed many carrots.

‘Due to the Bugs Bunny cliché, they’re usually fed giant quantities of carrots which is mainly KFC for bunnies – they’re excessive in energy and never superb for them in excessive portions,’ he mentioned.

Rabbits need an enclosure that is 3mx2mx1m 'at least', giving bunnies the ability to roam from time to time and feeding them a diet of 80-90 per cent 'high-quality green hay'

Rabbits want an enclosure that’s 3mx2mx1m ‘at the least’, giving bunnies the flexibility to roam once in a while and feeding them a food plan of 80-90 per cent ‘high-quality inexperienced hay’

‘Wild rabbits reside in giant underground warrens, and above floor they’ll hop for kilometers every day, this implies they’ll battle when they’re confined to a hutch.’

I’ve advisable an enclosure that’s 3mx2mx1m ‘at the least’, giving bunnies the flexibility to roam once in a while and feeding them a food plan of 80-90 per cent ‘high-quality inexperienced hay’.

Mother and father who purchase their children a rabbit ought to be ready for the duty of welcoming one into their dwelling, Dr Tim mentioned.

‘I have been amazed on some events to satisfy kids within the seek the advice of room who’re very effectively knowledgeable and devoted to caring for his or her pets however children are children,’ he mentioned.

‘They’re simply distracted and will not be absolutely geared up to offer their pet all they want for his or her entire life. This implies dad and mom ought to at all times be appearing because the backup and supervising their kid’s care of their pets.’


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