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This 12 months of the Rabbit, go to a number of the greatest Japanese sightseeing spots associated to rabbits


Actual-life bunnies, bunny statues, bunny amulets, bunny mythology–make this yr really the 12 months of the Rabbit, by journey!

It is a new yr, and you recognize what which means: it is a new zodiac, too! 2023 is the 12 months of the Rabbit, and what higher solution to have fun than touring round Japan to spots the place you will discover rabbits, each reside and ornamental?

Journey data social media service RECOTRIP has launched an inventory of the Prime 10 Spots Whose Evaluations Point out Rabbits. The checklist consists of locations the place rabbit designs are a serious motif and locations the place you may work together with real-life rabbits, so if you happen to love bunnies, you will wish to begin reserving!

1: Okunoshima (Hiroshima Prefecture)

This island simply off the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture within the Seto Inland Sea would naturally be the highest rabbit-related sightseeing spot as a result of it is well-known for being residence to over 900 rabbits.

Referred to as “Rabbit Paradise“, this island can be a pure haven, with tenting, swimmable seashores, and pure radon sizzling spring baths. It is the form of place you go to refresh your physique and thoughts–and the lots of of lovable reside bunnies assist!

2. Hakuto Shrine (Tottori Prefecture)

This shrine worships the legendary White Hare of Inaba, which, in keeping with legend, facilitated the wedding of the god Okuninushi-no-Kami and the goddess Princess Yakami. That is why the Hare of Inaba is believed to be a matchmaking god, which makes this shrine a fortunate place to go to if you happen to’re about to get married.

To tie into the theme, the shrine is dotted with rabbit statues and sells lovable rabbit-shaped omamori talismans, so it is a haven for bunny followers.

3. Okazaki-jinja Shrine (Kyoto Metropolis)

This shrine is positioned in Sakyo Ward in jap Kyoto close to the mountains, an space that was as soon as inhabited by wild rabbits. As such, they have been thought of messengers of the patron god of Okazaki-jinja, and this shrine was dubbed The Rabbit Shrine.

Amulets, ema Want boards, and fortunes are all rabbit-themed right here, and this shrine is taken into account an incredible place to hope for conception and protected beginning (since rabbits are thought of to be extremely fertile creatures). It is also thought of fortunate for marriage and relationships, too, so when you’ve got a want in a type of classes, that is the place to have it granted!

The remainder of the highest 10 is stuffed with nice sightseeing spots, in addition to rabbit-related cuteness:

4. Izumo-taisha Grand Shrine (Shimane Prefecture)
5. Kumano Grand Shrine (Yamagata Prefecture)
6. Ujigama Shrine / Uji Shrine (Kyoto Prefecture)
7. Omiwa Shrine (Aichi Prefecture)
8. Tsukiusagi no Sato (Ishikawa Prefecture)
9. Tsuki Shrine (Saitama Prefecture)
10. Usagi Shrine (A part of the Lake Kawaguchi Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway) (Yamanashi Prefecture)

Apart from Okunoshima and the eighth place location, Tsukiusagi no Sato, a rabbit petting zoo with a restaurant and rabbit reward store, the highest 10 checklist is nearly totally fabricated from shrines! Out of the remaining places, just one, Usagi Shrine on the prime of the Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway, is devoted totally to rabbits, however the others are stuffed with rabbit statues and talismans.

Quantity 4, Izumo-taisha Grand Shrine, for instance, is called the oldest, most essential shrine within the Shinto faith (and is without doubt one of the nation’s prime temples, in keeping with TripAdvisor), nevertheless it additionally has 46 statues of the White Hare of Inabalike these proven under scattered round its grounds, for the reason that shrine is devoted to Okuninushi-no-kami.

As well as, at Kumano Grand Shine, three carvings of rabbits are hidden behind the principle corridor, and it is stated that if you happen to discover all of them, your want will likely be granted. In Tsuki Shrine in Saitama, north of Tokyo, rabbit statues are used because the protectors of the shrine in lieu of lion-dogs (proven under), since rabbits have been thought of the messenger of the god Tsuki, who’s enshrined there.

The final two shrines on the checklist, Omiwa Shrine and Ujigami Shrine (which is true subsequent to Uji Shrine within the inexperienced tea capital of Uji) are recognized for his or her rabbit tokens and different rabbit motifs. Omiwa, for instance, gives ema Want boards within the form of a rabbit’s head, that are widespread with idol followers, and Ujigami sells lovable spherical, colourful, rabbit-shaped omikujior fortunes (proven under).

Whichever location you select is certain to be stuffed with fascinating historical past, stunning nature, and cute bunnies in several shapes, so if you happen to’re searching for a brand new place to trip within the 12 months of the Rabbit, undoubtedly attempt considered one of these spots!

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