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Uncover 7 Spectacular Fish Present in Cuba

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Cuba is a big island nation south of Florida and east of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. With a inhabitants of 11 million, it has the second highest inhabitants of all of the Caribbean nations. As an island nation, fish are vital for the economic system each for commerce and native delicacies. Some scrumptious Cuban-style fish dishes embrace sautéed fish with tomatoes, garlic, onions, and different herbs and spices. There are numerous forms of fish discovered within the oceans round Cuba. Preserve studying to study extra about 7 spectacular fish in Cuba!

1. French Angelfish

The French angelfish is discovered within the ocean surrounding Cuba and different Caribbean nations. These fish typically swim round in pairs with their mate. They eat aquatic crops and invertebrates, and younger French angelfish eat parasites off of bigger fish and reside in and round coral reefs. They’ve skinny our bodies that make them onerous to see from the entrance. Nevertheless, from the aspect, they’ve lovely gold markings which can be straightforward to identify. Younger French angelfish are sometimes extra colourful than adults. This fish isn’t offered for meals, however it’s generally caught for aquariums. In aquariums, they’ll develop as much as 16 inches lengthy.

French angelfish typically swim along with their mate.


2. Cuban Gar

This freshwater fish in Cuba is thought domestically because the manjuari. It’s discovered solely in rivers and lakes in Cuba. Maybe partially due to this small vary it has develop into critically endangered. Different components of their declining numbers embrace overfishing and habitat loss. Moreover, the smallmouth bass was launched in some areas and eats younger Cuban gar, stopping them from reaching maturity.

The flesh is usually eaten in Cuban delicacies, however keep away from the eggs—they’re toxic for people! The typical Cuban gar is round 3 ft lengthy, however they’ll develop as much as 6 ft lengthy. These fish are distinctive as a result of they’ll tolerate water with excessive ranges of ammonia and nitrate, and they’re additionally pretty proof against ailments. They typically eat fish and birds.

The Cuban gar (Atractosteus tristoechus) or manjuari
The Cuban gar or manjuari is usually eaten in Cuba, however its eggs are toxic for people.

© Ahmad

3. Lucifuga Fish

There are a number of species of lucifuga fish in Cuba. They reside in caves and sinkholes which have freshwater or brackish water (a combination of recent and saltwater). These fish are fairly distinctive and have tailored to dwelling at nighttime. The Lucifuga fish that reside in Cuba’s darkish underwater locations have modified a lot that they virtually haven’t any shade. Additionally they haven’t any eyes and look a bit horrifying to some folks. This uncommon fish is an endangered species in response to the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature.

4. Goliath Grouper

The goliath grouper will get its title as a result of it’s the largest grouper species and one of many largest of any bony fish species. It was generally known as the “Jewfish.” Consultants imagine it is because its face and physique resemble some unfavorable anti-Semitic stereotypes.

These big fish in Cuba can develop to be as much as 8 ft lengthy and weigh as much as 800 kilos. They’re susceptible to inhabitants declines resulting from their lifecycle habits. Younger goliath groupers keep in mangrove nursery habitats for five to six years and are available collectively in massive teams to spawn every year. Once they spawn they’re straightforward to catch within the group. Moreover, mangrove habitats are on the decline, which means there’s much less habitat for younger goliaths to remain in till they attain maturity. The goliath grouper was listed as critically endangered however in 2021 its standing was modified to susceptible, which is a extra favorable place.

Types of rare fish - Giant Sea Bass
Goliath groupers are a susceptible species.

©eril Victory/


Two marlin species, the white marlin and the blue marlin, may be discovered within the waters exterior of Cuba. The biggest white marlin ever discovered was 9.2 ft lengthy and weighed 181 kilos. The biggest blue marlin ever discovered was 16 ft lengthy and weighed over 1,800 kilos. So, the blue marlin is sort of a bit bigger on common, however each species are fairly a catch. Each of those marlin species are billfish. They’ve an extended pointed nostril or snout that will resemble a sword or spear.

Though white marlin are usually not listed as endangered in any means, there are some rules relating to fishing for them. After being caught, a white marlin should be launched again into the water. Earlier than you launch it, you must hold it boat-side within the water to make sure it has a superb likelihood of survival after launch. Blue marlins, that are listed as susceptible to extinction, should even be returned to the water after being caught.

White Marlin on a Fishing Hook
Marlins are among the many quickest marine swimmers.



Swordfish are one other kind of billfish with an exceptionally lengthy, flat, and pointed snout, giving them their title. They use this “sword” to injure and decelerate their prey to make it simpler to catch. They might additionally use it as a protection towards predators. Additionally serving to the swordfish to catch prey is its sheer velocity. In accordance with some sources, they’ll attain speeds of as much as 60 miles per hour. Nevertheless, that’s unverified. Consultants imagine a velocity of twenty-two miles per hour is extra life like, which remains to be fairly quick for such a big fish.

Swordfish generally develop to be a minimum of 10 ft lengthy. The biggest one ever discovered weighed over 1,000 kilos. Due to their measurement, their flesh is commonly offered as “steaks”. They’re thought of a “close to threatened” species however conservation efforts in some areas have been profitable in serving to the inhabitants to rebound. A typical technique to serve swordfish in a Cuban type is with recent tomato salsa.

Animals with large eyes – swordfish
The biggest swordfish ever caught weighed over 1,000 kilos.


7. Prickly pear

There are a number of species of tuna that may be caught within the ocean round Cuba together with:

Due to overfishing, it’s now in style to develop some species of tuna, particularly bluefin tuna, in fish farms. The sort of fish is taken into account a delicacy in some locations. It may be eaten uncooked or cooked and may be offered frozen or recent. Canned tuna fish can be an enormous market, particularly in Australia and america.

Every of those tuna species is considerably completely different from the others, however all of them have a couple of issues in frequent. They’ve glossy our bodies, they’re quick swimmers, they usually have a dorsal fin and a pelvic fin that may fold down when they’re swimming quick. Their tails are formed like a crescent moon, they usually have between seven and ten “finlets” that run between the dorsal fin and the tail. One distinctive factor about tuna in comparison with different fish is that they’re able to preserve a hotter physique temperature than the water round them.

Fastest Sea Animal: Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
Like their title, bluefin tuna have beautiful blue coloring.


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