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Can Canines Eat Soy Sauce?

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Soy sauce accommodates giant quantities of salt, making it poisonous to canines. Whereas canines want salt of their weight-reduction plan, excessive quantities of sodium may cause salt poisoning.

In fact, different components go into how a lot soy sauce a canine can eat with out creating signs, together with its measurement, how hydrated it’s, entry to water, and well being.

Canines with kidney illness are significantly in danger after consuming soy sauce, because the salt content material may cause kidney harm.

This text will talk about why canines should not eat soy sauce, the dangers, and what to do in case your canine eats soy sauce.

Is Soy Sauce Protected for Canines?

Soy sauce is not secure for canines as a result of it accommodates an excessive amount of salt.


Soy sauce is not secure for canines as a result of it accommodates an excessive amount of salt. Whereas canines want sodium of their weight-reduction plan, they do not want greater than they already get of their meals.

An excessive amount of sodium can result in dehydration, salt poisoning, and kidney harm. As well as, some canines are allergic to soy and, due to this fact, should not eat soy sauce!

Dangers of Soy Sauce for Canines

Salt Poisoning

An excessive amount of sodium may even result in salt poisoning, which might trigger the next signs:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • decreased urge for food
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of coordination
  • Extreme thirst or urination
  • tremors
  • Seizures
  • Eat

Salt poisoning can kill a canine if left untreated. In case your canine eats soy sauce and also you discover these signs, name your nearest emergency vet clinic for assist.

Kidney Injury

The dehydration attributable to extra salt may also result in kidney harm. For those who discover the next signs, see a veterinarian instantly:

  • Lethargy
  • poor urge for food
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • decreased urination
  • Full lack of urination

Needless to say kidney harm may be very progressed by the point signs are observed. Like people, canines can stay usually with only one kidney; by the point kidney harm impacts them, they’ve already misplaced lots of kidney perform.

Kidney harm can’t be reversed, which is one purpose it is so necessary to get to the vet the second you discover your canine has eaten soy sauce. Catching kidney harm early or treating your canine earlier than it begins can save your canine’s life.

allergic response

One other danger of soy sauce is that some canines are allergic to soy. Allergy signs can range from gentle reactions that trigger itching or sneezing to extreme, life-threatening reactions like anaphylactic shock.

For those who discover the next signs of anaphylaxis, name an emergency veterinarian instantly:

  • hives
  • Swelling within the face or snout
  • extreme drooling
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • Issue respiratory
  • Blue gums or tongue

How A lot Soy Sauce Is Poisonous to Canines?

Pouring soy sauce into a white bowl
Some danger components of soy sauce in canines embody power sicknesses like kidney illness or dehydration.


In case your canine eats greater than a teaspoon of soy sauce, it is prone to salt poisoning. Basically, this implies your canine ought to see a veterinarian until it solely had a minimal lick.

Only a tablespoon (or 16 grams) of soy sauce accommodates nearly 900 mg of salt. That is merely method an excessive amount of for a canine to deal with!

In fact, the smaller your canine is, the much less salt it might probably have earlier than it has consumed poisonous ranges. Different danger components embody power sicknesses like kidney illness, dehydration, and never accessing water.

What To Do if Your Canine Eats Soy Sauce

First, give your canine water! This might help fight salt poisoning, as dehydration is a significant symptom.

Subsequent, name a pet poison hotline or vet clinic. Name an emergency vet clinic for recommendation in case your major veterinarian is closed.

Relying in your canine’s measurement, well being, and the way a lot soy sauce it ate, the individual you name would possibly suggest that your canine be seen by a vet.

The vet may additionally suggest you look ahead to signs at dwelling as a substitute. If so, name once more for those who discover new or worsened signs, as your canine might have vet care.

Needless to say consuming soy sauce may end up in demise to your canine, so it is necessary to get an expert opinion instantly.

Are Different Willows Protected for Canines?

Usually, willows will comprise an excessive amount of salt and sugar for canines. Many sauces, akin to tomato sauce and barbecue sauce, Additionally comprise poisonous spices like garlic or onion powder.

If you would like a enjoyable, secure method to boost your canine’s meals, attempt utilizing a purée as a substitute of a sauce. Issues like plain tomato paste, pumpkin purée, or candy potato are nice kibble toppers! Be certain that they do not embody added salt, sugar, or seasoning.

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